Friday, January 24, 2014

The First Post

Upon suggestion of many friends, I have decided to start a blog dedicated to all things film. I can only assume this is because they want to hear more, rather than wish for me to stop talking about it altogether. 

I have had a lifelong love for film and it's only grown as I have gotten older. I also have a very broad taste in film with love for all genres in film. It really started when I was fairly young, say nine or ten and my Dad started showing me films like Jaws and The Poseidon Adventure. From there, I started seeking them out on my own, discovering many of them on cable on days off from school. I vividly remember watching John Carpenter's The Thing on basic cable in the middle of a summer afternoon and being absolutely terrified. 

That's the other thing. As I was growing up, I was a huge horror junkie. I absolutely loved scary movies. One of the first ones I saw was Pet Semetary when I was way too young. My dad had rented it and was watching it one morning. I sneaked in and sat on the couch at the back of the room undiscovered until my mom ratted me out when she walked in towards the end of the movie. I distinctly remember my dad turning around and shrugging, saying, "Too late now."

As I grew up, I started branching out in the type of films I watched, from comedies, action, dramas to classics and beyond. It escalated even further when I got a job at Blockbuster. One of the perks of the video store job was 5 free rentals a week. I saw everything I could. I saw great movies, mediocre movies and terrible movies. My film collection grew to almost absurd proportions to where I now look back at some of the things I own and legitimately wonder, "Why?" 

Then I went to college and majored in Journalism with a minor in Film Studies. I loved my film classes, arguing and pulling apart films. Analyzing themes and subtext while discussing the auteur theory. I became exposed to an increasingly wide range of films, adding even more dimension to my already diverse tastes. I discovered the likes of Woody Allen, Billy Wilder and Francois Truffaut, among many others. 

So, now I am long since out of college still ever the Cinephile and ready to start my blog. I have dropped a great deal of the pretentiousness I developed in College (a common side effect of studying film). Instead, I will blog about whatever happens to tickle my fancy at a given time because this is my blog and I don't see another goddamn blogger so pipe down. But never fear, dear reader, for my love of cinema is far and vast and I'm sure you'll love most of it anyway.